Anxious IS the creative mind.

Anxious IS the creative mind. 1

Why didn't someone tell me? Could of saved me a whole lot of heartache, misguided decisions and medications. 

For years, I have been told that I am the creative type. Even as a child. I never ever saw it. Ever. Two years ago if you had told me that I was creative I would of asked "because sometimes I use honey instead of jelly on sandwiches?". Whoa - calm down Picasso. 

Now I'm starting to see. I see where all this anxiety and the million tabs that always seem to be open in my brain, are coming from. There is NOTHING wrong with me. I am not on edge, wound too tight nor am I crazy. It's creativity trying to escape!

Since about the end of last year - I have known there was something brewing in this hard head of mine. I just couldn't quite put a finger on it. I knew it was something fitness related. I have a passion for working out, weightlifting, CrossFit and nutrition. So, I figured I'd land in the training/coaching arena. I am also passionate about women's relationships. mother-daughter, friendships, teenagers etc. (The complex back ground to this will be a whole other blog post entirely, at some point).

No, I haven't ruled any of this out yet. I still have a longing to provide nutrition tips and bring women together to workout and feel savage. Just like I've been telling myself for many months... creative patience is a virtue. It will come together. One day at a time.

Ahhh sweet relief for now! Relief that I have found a creative outlet through this business. So grateful. So blessed. And SO going to work hard for all of my supportive tribe! 

Muah xoxo -  

Mama Apes 

  • April Albert

Fitness, nutrition or Bull@#*t? 0

I've wanted to blog for a really long time. Never had a real reason to start one until now though. So here it is: my grand opportunity and debut aaand... I'm stumped. I'm so overwhelmed with things I want to say, express and share with the world but I just can't seem to pick a path I want to stay on. SO - you all will get a mixture of thoughts, ideas and possibly even advice. 

The world that I live in just that. A crazy mixture. A mix of family life with all of it's crazy ups and downs of raising kids, juggling careers and battling finances. (Yes, it is a battle.) Part  of me wants to give you all the raw insights to my life.  If for no other reason than to let you relate to someone and know you're not even half as crazy as you think you are. Another part of me wants to offer tips and tricks on eating healthy, what I call realistically healthy. You know - where you're not making an entirely different meal every night for yourself and your family, spending your life savings at the local organic only health food store OR choking down some kind of disgustingly weird tofu meal you wouldn't even feed your dog.  

Also, I LOVE talking weights and strength training but I know that's not everyone's fitness cup of tea - so I'll try to keep that to a minimum. Eh - I make no promises.  Lastly, I have always been known to be a good listener. Although I have hard time applying real world, practical advice to my own life, I seem to have a knack for helping others with their feelings and/or dilemmas.  In case you don't know me - I'm an open book.

Until next time warriors! 

Muah - 

Mama Apes 



  • April Albert

They say the secret to getting ahead is getting started. 0

So here I am.  Fumbling through an e-commerce tutorial with fingers crossed. Here it is folks - my first attempt at a blog and the beginning of my vision and mission. Short and sweet, as I have much work to do.  See you soon! 


Mama Apes 

  • April Albert