Anxious IS the creative mind.

Anxious IS the creative mind.

Why didn't someone tell me? Could of saved me a whole lot of heartache, misguided decisions and medications. 

For years, I have been told that I am the creative type. Even as a child. I never ever saw it. Ever. Two years ago if you had told me that I was creative I would of asked "because sometimes I use honey instead of jelly on sandwiches?". Whoa - calm down Picasso. 

Now I'm starting to see. I see where all this anxiety and the million tabs that always seem to be open in my brain, are coming from. There is NOTHING wrong with me. I am not on edge, wound too tight nor am I crazy. It's creativity trying to escape!

Since about the end of last year - I have known there was something brewing in this hard head of mine. I just couldn't quite put a finger on it. I knew it was something fitness related. I have a passion for working out, weightlifting, CrossFit and nutrition. So, I figured I'd land in the training/coaching arena. I am also passionate about women's relationships. mother-daughter, friendships, teenagers etc. (The complex back ground to this will be a whole other blog post entirely, at some point).

No, I haven't ruled any of this out yet. I still have a longing to provide nutrition tips and bring women together to workout and feel savage. Just like I've been telling myself for many months... creative patience is a virtue. It will come together. One day at a time.

Ahhh sweet relief for now! Relief that I have found a creative outlet through this business. So grateful. So blessed. And SO going to work hard for all of my supportive tribe! 

Muah xoxo -  

Mama Apes 

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I need some motivation! I feel like the frumpy dumpy mom with no time or energy to workout ? I feel like I take care of everyone we but me so what can I do to change my mindset to motivated ?


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