Welcome to Four Feathers, an actively inspired boutique! 

Over the past three years I have been on a journey. A journey of self discovery in the biggest way. I have discovered that I am STRONG. Strong in body, strong in heart and strong in mind. 

My mission is to help you discover the same thing.

I want to help you by providing a one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs as a busy, active and undeniably bad a@# woman. This won't be your sweet sister's cutesy, vintage boutique. Nope. This one will have a tad more grit. We'll call it muscle. The items will be hand picked by yours truly and I promise they will take you from the gym to the super market and every little league game in between. Watch out - I might even throw a church dress at you every once in awhile. 

In addition to some fab shopping I will also be providing a platform for women to relate to another woman of many flaws. ME! Hey girl hey. Follow my blog for a good laugh, possibly a cry and definitely some real life hashtag mama bear truths.  

Happy shopping warriors!